Pierce Zaifman

That's me! I'm an Android developer and technology enthusiast with a passion for saving time and optimizing workflows.

As you can see, I've joined the ranks of the multitude of other software developers that have their own blog. Many people, myself included, have thought about making a blog in the past but never get around to it or abandon it after a few posts. Part of my personal ethos is to avoid starting any projects I don't think I can keep up with. As such, I've waited until now to start my blog. I believe I will be able to fit blogging into my schedule on a regular basis and have enough content to contribute to it.

Why start a blog?

There are many different types of blogs and even more reasons to start your own blog. Blogs can be used as a source of income, generally by getting large amounts of traffic and showing advertisements or selling information in the form of a guide or a book that you can purchase. Corporations may run a blog to drive more traffic to whatever they are selling, discuss their future plans in the form of a road map, and to help establish their brand.

Running a personal blog (like this one) is used to establish a personal brand. It allows you to control how people view you and can aid you in portraying your talents to prospective clients. As a freelancer, if a potential client gets your name and looks you up, without a personal site they have little information to go off of. Just having your own website with your own domain shows some level of competence, as long as you keep up with it. If I looked up someone and found their blog, only to see they have not posted in several months or even years, it would result in an even worse impression than not having a blog at all.

Target audience

In setting up my own blog, I had several goals in mind for what I wanted to get out of it and what kind of posts I wanted to write. The primary goal is to establish a personal brand for myself, such that anyone who happens upon my website will be given the impression that I am an exceptional Android developer and given the opportunity would relish the chance to work with me. Beyond that, I want to improve my skill as a writer and create posts that people will find helpful or insightful. I will try to post about a variety of topics, including software development, professional development, saving time, and more.

If these topics interest you and you want to learn more, subscribe to my blog and leave a comment.

Pierce Zaifman

Android app developer. Hates wasting time and takes satisfaction in improving efficiency in all aspects of life. Also enjoys helping people solve their problems.

London, Ontario, Canada

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